Is a new ‘false flag’ poison gas attack planned for Aleppo?

As ‘rebel’ forces struggle desperately to prevent the liberation of the whole of Aleppo, there has to be a real danger that action will be taken to try give the ‘hawks’ in the USA and EU an excuse to argue for Western military action to prevent such a massive victory for the Syrian government.

This latest International Military Review from the well-informed volunteer alternative media news outlet South Front gives us a vital clue as to what this could be. Amid other vital updates on the military situation in Syria, we learn that the Russian Defence Ministry has warned that Al Nusra Islamists (i.e. Al Qaeda) have moved several truckloads of home-made chlorine gas weapons from Idlib to the outskirts of Aleppo.

These weapons may be used simply as part of the terrorists’ last-ditch effort to keep their toehold in the city, but on past form the use of chemical WMDs by the rebels could equally be used by the international media to demonise government forces and try to incite ‘responsibility to protect’ action by NATO. This, of course, would inevitably produce a direct clash between NATO and Russian and Syrian airforces.

Only madmen would risk such a conflict? True, but there are plenty of those in Washington, London, Riyyadh, Tel Aviv and Brussels!